lördag 14 januari 2012


What i think / like / hate about guys and relationships

  1. I hate perverted guys 
  2. I don't like short guys 
  3. I don't like guys with no sense of fashion 
  4. I dont't like players 
  5. I care about the inside alot too 
  6. I remember sentimental things that guys say for a long long long time
  7. I think relationships in young ages are stupid
  8. When i cook for you , you must know that you mean alot to me
  9. I like when guys pray , it shows that they are trustworthy 
  10. I dont like guys that swear alot 
  11. I don't like guys that say things like '' I can't sleep without talking to you '' it means that they are lying and that they say that to many other girls 
  12. When i say NO it's NO stop asking 
  13. I don't like guys that stink and look dirty 
  14. I like guys that have a great sense of humor 
  15. I like guys with beautiful eyes 
  16. I like guys that are responsable 
  17. I don't like unfaithful guys 
  18. I really dislike lairs 
  19. I don't like guys with really really big muscles 
 My opinions
  1. I think that it's stupid being an easy girl 
  2. I think that it's not smart having boyfriends at young ages because they're not grown and they like playing around with girls at those ages. 
  3. I watch people break up with their boyfriends all the time and i think that it's not smart at all. . why have a boyfriend when you know that you're gonna break up? 
  4. I think that girls who chase guys are dumb 
  5. Im only searching for friendship because i think im too young and boyfriends are useless and that i only should wait for marriage.

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